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Produce clean energy at a profit by using Energy AI and computer vision to automate HSE, ESG, & operations

Unlock unparalleled AI-powered safety, efficiency, and sustainability for your business.

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Monetize your Compliance

Autonomous365 is a suite of tools that hyper-automate operations

Autonomous365 enables operators to turn ESG metrics into a revenue center

VOC Gas Detection & Quantification

Real-time visual VOC Gas leak detection and quantification without the false negatives & positives associated with competing technology.

Optimize operations, increase situational awareness, implement real-time carbon tracking and reporting, reduce truck traffic and callouts, and achieve ESG goals.

Non-Invasive Tank Monitoring

Our non-invasive tank monitoring is as accurate as guided wave rad​ar and generates you carbon offsets by never opening the thief catch.

Get up to 65% emissions reduction, increased safety, compliance with new regulations, reduction in capital expenditures and cost of upgrading existing infrastructure.

PPE Detection

Our PPE Detection AI model automatically detects employees on-site to determine if they’re wearing a hard hat as required. Improve safety culture and incident rates, increase site security, and prevent theft and vandalism.

Compressor Monitoring

Instantly detect compressor run status and prevent costly failures and downtime, keeping you on top of your machinery. Optimize operations, preventative maintenance, and increase situational awareness.

Flame & Smoke Detection

Using Visual AI, our 360° HD camera detects smoke & fire autonomously and notifies you when anything is out of line. Increase safety, prevent catastrophes, optimize operations, decrease fines.

Liquid Leak Detection

Our system detects liquid leaks instantly to prevent costly failures before they become 7-figure disasters. Reduce environmental incidents, prevent catastrophic environmental events, increase safety, and increase operational efficiency.

ECD Monitoring

To avoid fines, verify that your ECDs are working correctly with our 360° HD optical camera. Enable emissions reduction, Increase safety, comply with regulations, and reduce cost.

Loadout Observation

Automatically record & log your pumper truck loadouts. Automatically comply with new loadout regulations & provide proof of emission events. Optimize operations, increase efficiency, and reduce emissions.

Pop-Off Detection

Using continuously learning AI machine models, instantly detect pop-off events and prevent costly failures and downtime. Increase safety, optimize operations, and increase situational awareness.

Autonomous Gate Guard

Eliminate your gate operators with virtual gate guard using Autonomous365’s Visual AI system to detect vehicles. Scale situational awareness and remote monitoring, increase security, eliminate gate guard expense.

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ESG Standards


Our system auto-updates with regulation changes and notifies you when something isn’t meeting standards. Empower your employees to operate by exception instead of manually checking every day.

Revenue center

With your compliance

You can turn your autonomous compliance into a revenue center by tracking your methane performance and trading that certificate across international markets. Trackable at the site/source level (OGMP 2,0, EPA OOOOb/c, CDPHE Reg7)

Increase Safety

& Derisk Field Operations

Keep your employees off the site, increasing safety by 10-fold and avoiding dangerous accidents that happen every year while dropping your expenses. Manage only the exceptions when they come in on your CleanConnect dashboard, saving time & money.

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Autonomous365 is a suite of AI finished solutions that delivers unparalleled flexibility to enable hyper-automation for critical infrastructure and energy.

see all events form one place

Monitor activities

Our AI integration helps to detect even the smallest problems, notifying you before disaster happens and keeping strict accountability.

See in live view

Live views of critial sites

Autonomous365 delivers live, AI-powered views of oil and gas sites, enabling instant oversight and swift response to operational needs.

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Precision Monitoring, Enhanced Safety, Total Compliance

Real-time insights, streamlined operations, and robust security management.

All events data

Autonomous365 captures and interprets event data, enhancing operational decision-making.

Gas leak emission volume

It precisely tracks gas leak volumes, ensuring compliance and prompt action.

PPE infractions

The system monitors and records PPE infractions, bolstering on-site safety.

How many visitors there were

Autonomous365 identifies and logs site visitors, securing operations and aiding compliance.

Stay up to date

Observe everything from one place

Leverage a single platform to orchestrate all stations and activities efficiently, empowering people to excel in their roles while machines ensure our protection.

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Frequently asked questions

What is is a pioneering AI and computer vision platform dedicated to transforming the oil and gas industry through advanced monitoring and automation. By integrating real-time data with thermal camera technology, it offers comprehensive site surveillance, detecting everything from methane leaks to safety gear compliance. This sophisticated system enhances operational efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship, establishing a new standard for industry operations. represents the synergy of technology and industry expertise, driving forward a future of smart, sustainable energy production.

What was developed for? was developed to address the critical need for heightened safety, efficiency, and compliance in the oil and gas industry. Recognizing the challenges of manual monitoring and the potential of AI, it offers a solution that automates crucial aspects of site management, from leak detection to safety protocol enforcement. It’s not just a tool but a transformative approach, enabling companies to stay ahead in a competitive, regulation-intensive sector. Ultimately, exists to empower energy producers to achieve their operational goals while upholding the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

What scenarios is designed for? is designed for a multitude of scenarios within the oil and gas sector, from routine operational oversight to critical safety and compliance monitoring. Whether it’s providing real-time alerts for gas leaks, ensuring personnel are following safety protocols, or monitoring the integrity of infrastructure, this system is versatile. It’s also invaluable during emergency situations, offering rapid, data-driven insights to guide decision-making. In essence, is the versatile, ever-vigilant partner that industry operators need for day-to-day management and unforeseen challenges alike.

What compliance issues does solve? solves a broad spectrum of compliance issues, fundamentally transforming the approach to regulatory adherence in the oil and gas industry. From monitoring methane emissions and ensuring equipment is functioning correctly to verifying that personnel are adhering to safety standards, this platform automates and simplifies compliance. It’s designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, auto-updating with changes and ensuring that operations are not just compliant, but a step ahead. By turning compliance from a challenge into an opportunity, enables energy companies to operate with confidence and integrity.

What is ProveZero?

ProveZero is an innovative component of, focused on validating and certifying the sustainability efforts of energy companies. It generates publicly traded energy certificates based on real-time data, offering tangible proof of a company’s commitment to a net-zero future. ProveZero not only underscores regulatory compliance but also allows energy producers to monetize their low methane intensity, turning environmental stewardship into a revenue stream. It’s a powerful tool that transforms the NetZero promise into NetZero proof, reinforcing a company’s position as a leader in sustainable energy production.

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